Prabhas, Pooja Hegde Adopt Self Quarantine After Foreign Trip

Baahubali celebrity Prabhas is hectic along with all his film Prabhas20 was referred to as by Jaan.  The picture had been being renovated in Georgia.

Radha-krishna directs jaan and celebrities Pooja Hegde because the woman.  The narrative was shot in portions of Georgia.
Was seen using a face-mask on as well.  The duo goes in the city side all the Jaan device.  As citizens, both team members and the celebrities decided to go searching for self-quarantine.

Prabhas posted a remark saying he advocated supporters to perform guidelines and wished to accomplish it.  Pooja Hegde common with a insta narrative in that she claimed was moment and energy for you to isolate himself out of the entire planet for days' remaining part.

For the time being, Pooja Hegde Prabhas or some other penis by your movie unit will meet with anybody.
Telugu celebrity Priyadarshi, who had accompanied the picture unit into georgia has chose to follow suit.

Pooja Hedge has been spotted committing snap shots of this place.  She posted an image of herself wearing a facial mask and she had been spotted making the most of the snow fall.

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