Apple hikes iPhone prices due to increase in GST rates, iPhone 11 starting now at Rs 68,300

The price ranges from on accounts for cell mobiles percent to 18 percent.  This happens to become the time Apple needed to improve rates of the I phones this past year.  The 1 was a result of an growth in customs duty which has been announced within the marriage budget 20 20, together side the lack of an exemption from customs duty under the Social Welfare Surcharge.
Apple is the smartphone manufacturer to increase rates in India.  Apple has increased the purchase price tag on I phones due to of the GST speed on phones that includes contributed to Realme Xiaomi and also Oppo to improve rates.  The rates will be all recorded on Apple India internet site and is applicable from April 1, 20 20.

Out of R S 1,17,100, the 1-1 Guru Max 64GB will begin Following the increase upwards from R S 1,11,200.  Likewise that the 1-1 Guru 64GB is going to soon be costly at R S 1,06,000up from R S 1,01,200.  Even the 1 1 64GB became high priced at R S 68,300up from R S 64,900.
I phones including the XR observed cost increased to R S 52,500up from R S 49,900.  Likewise that the 7 32GB begins from R S 31,500up from R S 29,900.

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